Dimensions of a Magic Card

Released by the American game publisher Wizards of the Coast in 1993, Magic Cards are used in the collectible card game referred to as Magic: The Gathering. Invented by a math professor named Richard Garfield, it is now played by more than six million individuals in more than 70 countries worldwide. Basically, it is played through third-party programs or via the direct video game entitled Magic: The Gathering Online. In addition to these basic facts, there are more to learn about it including the dimensions of a Magic Card.

Magic Card Dimensions

Each Magic Card measures approximately 2.2 inches by 3.2 inches. Many individuals find the game very interesting and challenging because it requires a variety of skills including common sense, strategy and logic. Furthermore, it challenges the other important skills of players such as reading, arithmetic as well as card playing. The game is suitable for individuals whose ages are 13 years old and above. It can be played by two or more players.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Magic Cards come in different colors. The color green symbolizes many different aspects including interdependence, ecology and evolution. Furthermore, it is also used to represent other key aspects of the game like nature, instinct and life. Next, red is used to represent warfare, fury and impulse. It may also stand for creativity, passion and chaos. More than anything else, it symbolizes freedom in this particular game. It also represents the geological but non-living aspects of earth as well as the classical element of fire.

Black is another important card color in the game, which may mean many different things such as greed, ambition and power. Although it may not directly symbolize evil, it is used to represent amorality, corruption as well as death. A card with this color is best used to destroy creatures. The color blue represents other important aspects of the game including trickery, manipulation and illusion. Moreover, it is used to describe many different positive things such as knowledge, logic and intellect.

Although not necessarily good, the color white is one of the most powerful forces in this exciting game. It symbolizes the most sought after qualities such as righteousness, equality and order. It also symbolizes light, peace and law. White-colored Magic Cards are used for many different things such as equalizing the playing field, destroying enchantments and imposing player restrictions. Other possible uses include preventing damage to players or creatures as well as protecting creatures from different kinds of enchantments.

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