How Big is a Broiler?

There are many amazing cooking methods that can give you great-tasting results every time. One of the most commonly used cooking techniques is broiling. It is quite similar to baking and grilling. In fact, it is about a cross between the two.

Broiling is basically grilling food with heat applied on the top surface. It is simply about browning the top surface while making sure that the other sides are being penetrated by an amount of temperature that is enough to cook it. For broiling, there is a need for a broiler. It is a kitchen appliance that is specifically intended to make the particular cooking method much easier to manage.

Broiler Sizes

Like other kitchen equipments, a broiler comes in many different sizes. There is no standard or definite size as some machines, like the toaster oven, can also serve doubly as a broiler. The basic idea is that anything that can allow cooking of food via direct exposure to radiant heat can be called a broiler. Then again, there are certain equipments that are particularly called as a broiler. Those equipments usually come with a broiling pan and a rack. If you are using your broiler to cook regular family meals, a unit that can accommodate a whole chicken might be enough. It will have enough space for chunks of beef and a couple of veggie treats on the side.

Tips in Broiling Chicken

One of the most common ingredients subjected to the broiler is chicken. If cooked the right way, you may enjoy a juicy, tasty treat. Here are some tips on how you can achieve perfectly broiled chicken:

* Before putting the chicken into the broiler, you must first check out your cuts. Your chicken pieces must be cut equally so they would cook evenly at the same time. If you are cooking chicken breasts, you must flatten them out so they become uniform in thickness. If you are cooking whole chicken, it is most ideal that you cut it in butterfly style to ensure that you cook it through.

* Direct heat applied to your meat can cause it to dry. So make sure that you keep watch and is prepared to coat your chicken with some oil or with your marinade to stop it from drying out.

* Take note of the chicken’s proximity to the heat as well as the temperature you will be using to cook your meat. Those are key factors that can affect the juiciness and tenderness of your chicken.

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