Size of Window Mount Air Conditioners

The window mount air conditioner sizes are measured in BTUs. More BTUs mean extra cooling capacity. The following size guide will give you an idea of what unit to use.

Air Conditioner BTU Guide

For less than 150 square feet of cooling, 5,000 BTUs will be enough. For 150-225 sq ft, 6,000 BTU is recommended. 7,000 BTU is for 225-300 sq ft. 8,000 BTU is for 300-350 sq ft of cooling. 10,000 BTU is for 350-500 sq ft. If the area measures 500-650, 12,000 BTU is ideal. 14,000 BTU is recommended for 650-875 sq ft.

For 875-1,100 sq ft, the BTU required is 15,000. For 1,100-1,300 sq ft, 21,000 BTU is most suitable. For 1,300-1,600, the BTU is 25,000.
BTU and Window Mount Air Conditioner Sizes

The unit’s physical dimensions have an effect on the BTU. Smaller units possess smaller BTU ratings. Bigger air conditioners have greater cooling capacity.

Power Availability

Buyers also have to evaluate the power that can be used close to the window where the unit will be put. These systems are available in 240 and 120 volt variants. They each require unique electrical outlets. Check this out before making the purchase or you may end up needing a rewire.

The window opening size must also be accounted for. To see if it fits, open the window. Measure the width and height.

Application and Usage

As the name makes plain, this cooling apparatus is mounted on a window. It is useful for cooling a room or two. These systems are not usually used to cool entire homes. However, it may cool a larger area if there is nothing to block the airflow.

Despite its limitations, it is preferred by many people due to the low costs. These systems also use less power than the central air conditioning type. This translates to lower electric bills.

How the System Works

The unit removes heat and humidity in the room where it is installed. The hot air is exhausted outdoors. Two fans are typically installed in the unit.

One fan blows the hot air outside while the other blows cold air into the room. But other units may have more fans installed. Unlike central air conditioning systems, these can be removed more easily.

The window mount air conditioner sizes should be your top priority when choosing a unit. A large type will be required for a large room. Closing the door also helps in cooling the area.

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