Saw Sizes

Saw sizes differ. The crosscut saw is 20-30 inches (50-75 cm) long, while the panel saw is 18-24 inches (45-60 cm) long. Other saws are 8-30 inches (20-80 cm) long while some are 24-28 inches (60-70 cm) in length. Aside from the different sizes, there are also many types of saws available.

Circular Saws

This saw is used for cutting masonry, metal, and other types of wood. These are distinguished by the metal blade fitted on it. Circular saws are either mounted or handheld.

The power of these circular saws varies greatly; make sure you get the right type because using an underpowered saw will lead to overheating. Aside from producing dull cuts, the blade may spin back towards the user, which can be hazardous.


The ripsaw is a type of handsaw designed for rip cuts. The rip cut refers to a cut that is parallel to the grain wood. For instance, chopping the tree trunk from top to bottom is regarded as a rip cut.

Aside from the rip cut saw, other saws may be used to do rip cuts. These include the table saw, hand saw and hand rip saw. However, the ripsaw is the only cutting tool specifically made for this purpose. The ripsaw teeth are constructed with flat front edges.

The unique design of the ripsaw allows the device to be used like a chisel regardless of the saw size. The ripsaw is constructed with metal. The handle however, is usually wood.

Band Saws

The band saw is fitted with a steel strip that works in a nonstop loop around 3 wheels. The band saw is often utilized for producing curved or straight cuts. The wide blades are employed mainly for straight cuts. The narrow blades are used for making curved cuts.

There are many types of band saws but the most common are the mounting and floor standing variants. The mounting saw can be set on stands or benches. The floor standing types are also called cabinet band saws.

If you are going to buy band saws, don’t forget to check the cut depth of the saw. This determines the wood thickness that may be cut. Some models also have a riser piece to expand the depth capability.

The different saw sizes allow users to choose the right type of saw for a specific job. Whichever type you select, always wear protective goggles and gloves. Taking all the necessary precautions and focusing on the job will ensure you get desirable results.

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