Dimensions of a Earth Auger

Earth auger dimensions differ, with some models having fuel tank capacities of 1 L, 2 L, 3 L or more. Some machines have 51.7CC displacements but others have different specifications. Some earth augers use 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm bits which can change its overall dimensions.

What is an Earth Auger?

The earth auger is a device that has a screw type conveyor. It acts on a liquid or solid. The action of the conveyor often moves it up, but it can also be manipulated in other ways.

The typical earth auger moves into the ground and moves the earth and dirt in an upward manner. This kind of auger is connected to a skid steer or auger fitted vehicles. These can be rented or purchased as standalone or attachments.


Aside from the different earth auger dimensions, the device has undergone several changes. The older augers are manually operated. These were often utilized for woodworks. The evolution of technology led to numerous changes.

Modern augers have electrical motors or engines. The contemporary auger is now more akin to a drill. Instead of the old manual operation, the power is now automated.


The motorized augers are utilized in different industries around the world. In agricultural and farming work, the auger is used for moving grain in a container or hopper. The earth auger is also used in various outdoor activities.

For example, they can be used to make fence post holes or to turn the ground up. There are also some earth movers that can be utilized for gardening. There are specific earth augers used for making and maintaining a garden plot.

There are also some earth augers that can be used for drilling oil. Like drilling tools, these earth augers come in different shapes and forms. The larger ones are for commercial and industrial use, while the smaller ones are for use by a single individual.

Other Uses

Earth augers can be used to take soil samples and other small substances. Many earth augers also have quick stop or anti-jamming features. If the machine gets stuck, the motor will be turned off. This will allow the machine to move back and restart.

The various earth auger dimensions are indicative of the myriad ways the device can be used. While there are many types available, they do not perform the same function. Be specific about the machine specs when you make a purchase.

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