3 Gallon Keg Dimensions

3 gallon keg dimensions are usually 9 inches wide and 17 inches high. Variations are available since there is no accepted standard for measuring kegs.

Popular US Keg Sizes

Different kinds of keg can be produced, but only a handful are sold or rented. They include the 1/6 keg which can contain up to 5 gallons and the 1/4 keg that stores up to 7.75 gallons. There is also the 1/2 keg which can hold 15.5 gallons. The 1/2 keg is equal to 165 beer bottles.

The 1/4 keg is the same as 82 beer bottles. The 1/6 bottles are the same as 54 beer bottles. There are also smaller kegs available. The most popular is the “bubba” or mini keg which contains 1.32 gallons. As these figures show, the 3 gallon keg dimensions are not widely used in the United States.

Other Sizes

Keg specifications are different in Europe because they use the metric system. In their scale, 50 liters is the same as one keg. This means that half a keg is equivalent to 25 liters. Complications arise because countries impose their own rules about keg size.

In Germany for instance, the sizes are 30 and 20 liters. In the United Kingdom, a single keg is the same as 11 imperial gallons. The UK does not rely on the metric system for their kegs.

Keg Valves

Every keg has one hole at the top. This functions as a two-way valve that permits beer to be pumped in or out of the keg. There are five kinds of valves in the US: G, A, U, S and D. You need to use the right coupling tools to make the beer flow out.

Most US breweries stick to one type of valve for their kegs; the majority use the D type. Valve necks are threaded or slotted. Their lengths differ too. Valve lengths will depend on the keg height.

Other Information

Keg beer is very similar to drought beer. Thanks to pressuring, kegs occupy less space than beer bottles with the same amount of liquid. That is the reason why they are used in restaurants, pubs and similar establishments. It allows them to store large amounts without wasting space. Smaller kegs are more useful for parties and get-togethers.

3 gallon keg dimensions are not as common as the pony, the 15.5 gallon or the mini kegs. However, it is used by many home brewers.

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