Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

Using the right kitchen cabinet size will do away with the need to use fillers in your kitchen. While these cabinets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, knowing the standard measurements used will help, as many kitchen appliances are designed with these in mind.

The Base Cabinets

The base cabinets are 34 ½ inches high and 24 inches deep. The upper cabinets (or wall cabinets) are usually 30 or 42 inches high. The average depth is about a foot. If the cabinet is to be placed over a fridge, the height will be 12 to 15 inches.

The depth of these cabinets is the same as the other cabinets. The typical cabinet width commences at six inches. This usually increases by three inch increments. The maximum width is usually 48 inches.

Wall Cabinets

When analyzing these kitchen cabinet sizes, remember that they will be over the countertops by 18 inches. A base cabinet with a countertop needs to be 36 inches high. Based on these figures, the wall cabinet should be set 54 inches over the ground. If the cabinet will be set above the stove, clearance has to be 24 inches.

A wall cabinet with full soffit should be 30 inches high. If there is no soffit, the height must be 42 inches. The depth will depend on the countertop’s depth.

If the countertop is 25 inches deep, the wall cabinet has to be 12.25 inches deep. A 30 inch deep countertop will need a 30 inch deep wall cabinet. Countertops made with standard kitchen cabinet sizes in mind are always 36 inches high.

Using Base Cabinets with Islands and Countertops

The 24 inch deep base cabinet is suitable for most countertops. These base cabinets are best suited for 25 ½ inch deep countertops. The 24 inch base cabinet also lets you work with the typical 36 inch island countertop. This countertop will have 1 ½ inch overhang up front and 10 ½ overhang at the back.

If you want a 48” countertop, it will be more costly. However they will allow you to install the cooktop and the stove. Ensure you know the height of the upper cabinet you will be installing around the back side.

If the base cabinet is 34 1/2" high and the upper cabinet is 30" high, you must add a filler to match the height. In other words, the two cabinet heights must always correspond.

Upper and Refrigerator Cabinets

Many of the standard cabinets are 12 inches deep. Most of the time, they are 9 inches wide. Again, the increments are set at 3 inches. The only exception to this rule is the refrigerator cabinet; they are 24 inches deep. You can of course get custom cabinets built. Most of them, however, are at least 14 inches deep.

The kitchen cabinet sizes mentioned here are for the United States. While these sizes are used in other countries too, it may not always be the case. You should check with the manufacturer first.

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