How Big is a Tea Pot?

One of the most important concerns for homemaker is how to choose the perfect tea pot. A unit that they can use often and will last for years is definitely a good choice. But if you think of considerations, the biggest consideration still, is the size.

How big is a tea pot that you will need for your household? That depends on how many cups you intend to make at a time. The size of tea pots, like with coffee pots, is determined according to its capacity. The smallest tea pot can contain about 1 to 2 cups of tea or about 8-12 ounces while larger ones can contain a couple more of cups or about 30 ounces of tea and beyond.

The Other Concerns

Once the size of your tea pot has been decided upon, it is easier to know in which types you should go to. The set of features will be thought of next. Each type of tea pot is good for a different set of elements that will define your preferences.

Some people choose tea pots according to the amount of tea they make in it. While others choose their according to the looks because they intend to use it more for decorative purposes than its very function. Still, others would want a certain material like cast iron because it can keep the tea warm for a longer time. Yixing tea pots or specialized Chinese tea pots are loved for their ability to absorb the flavors of your tea leaves well while the glass variety is slowly picking up on popularity. Glass tea pots are ideal for a show experience. Since you can see the process as it happens, they can make for a uniquely enjoyable experience. Ceramic tea pots, meanwhile, have a different allure in them. They are exceptionally pretty and are priced more affordable than the other options.

Aside from the difference in looks and in the results that they can deliver, it is also advisable that you consider storage and clean up when choosing a tea pot. Again, size matters a lot when it comes to storage. The perfect size would be the one that will fit into your counter top easily and would not take up too much space. When it comes to cleaning up, you should make sure that you choose a unit that comes with a strainer. That will allow you to discard tea leaves easily, which should be done right after steeping is done so they will not stain.

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