How Big is a Bug Light?

Bugs can be annoying. They hamper the enjoyment of being outdoors. They also sometimes bring in a cause for infection.

If you love hanging out in your garden but cannot because of bugs flying around, you will find a bug light truly useful. A bug light or bug zapper is a special kind of lighting fixture that can help you get rid of annoying insects. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit every yard’s need.

Choosing the Size

There are a variety of bug lights available in the market. When choosing according to size, you must consider the size of your yard as well. How big is a bug light that you will need for your garden or patio or any outdoor space is determined by assessing how big the space is. For an average outdoor space, a 17-inch bug zapper is a good choice. It has far enough reach that could cover the outdoor space you will use it in.

Electric, Solar, Battery, or Propane Powered

There are also a helluva of bug light choices according to its power source. Some are electrical, some are solar powered, some have batteries, and some have propane. It is up to you, really, in choosing which you are comfortable working with. With the green revolution in full blast, many homemakers would choose solar-powered bug lights and they are really good in terms of usability.

Anything Will Do

The best choice for a bug light depends on the user. Anything will do for as long as it can efficiently zap away all kinds of insects that may be harmful for you. Insects, especially mosquitoes, are attracted to humans. By placing a bug light, you can forget all about them altogether.

The light duplicates the feel of warm-blooded mammals, like humans. As such, it serves as the magnet for the insects to come closer to the electric grid, which will kill them in the process. They will be trapped on the grid due to the high voltage running in them.

Bug lights can be used in both indoor and outdoor space. But since most indoor spaces are protected with window screens and others, a bigger concern is how to keep the family insect-safe while they are enjoying the lush garden.

Many bug light designs can easily pass as a stylish outdoor lighting fixture. You would not have problems blending it with your garden décor. Just choose the style that will fit into your outdoor design.

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