Square Miles of Germany

Germany is a country located in Central Europe and is bordered to the north by two major bodies of water: the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Formally known as the Federal Republic of Germany, it is a member of the European Union and is considered as the member with the most number of inhabitants with a population of over eighty-one million – about 81.8 million as of last count.

Overall however, it ranks No. 15 in the list of countries with the most number of inhabitants.

Square Miles of Germany

Germany has a total area of approximately 137,847 square miles or about 357,021 square kilometers. Its bodies of water take up about 2.416% of the country’s total area. With its number of inhabitants, its population density is roughly around 593 per square mile or 229 per square kilometer.

About a third of the country’s total area is covered with woods where beech trees, oaks and several other deciduous trees are predominant. Wild deer is also widespread in its forest and wild regions.

National Parks

With the country’s large wooded areas, there are several protected sites here and are taken cared of as national parks. Among these national parks are the Wadden Sea National Parks which consist of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park, the Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park and the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park.

These parks are all listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Other Sights to See

In Cologne, the cathedrals here with their majestic towers are historical landmarks and are likewise listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. One of its most popular monuments is the Shrine of the Three Magi where it is believed that the remains of the Three Magi are being kept.

In Southern Bavaria, there is the magnificent castle of King Ludwig II which looks like a castle straight from a children’s fairy tale book. This historical structure has the most number of visitors per year in all of Germany.

It is said that Walt Disney took inspiration from this castle to build his Disney Castle.

Further along on the southwestern parts of Germany, there is the picturesque town of Heidelberg where another majestic castle stands. This edifice is reminiscent of Gothic and Renaissance architectural patterns and is famous for holding the largest wine barrel in the world – simply called the Great Vat.

For a bit more lesson in history, there is the Checkpoint Charlie Museum where exhibits on the history of the infamous Berlin Wall are on display.

Churches, gardens and forests, including the world-famous Black Forest are also popular tourist hotspots.

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