Capacitance Meter

A capacitance meter is a device used to gauge capacitors. The features of these devices will vary. Some just indicate the capacitance, while others display other elements like the leakage and resistance.

Capacitance Meter Specifications: Mastech 30-Range Digital MS8261

The Mastech 30-Range Digital Multimeter measures 7.7 x 2.2 x 3.6 inches. The unit has a 3 1/2 digital LCD display. The maximum data hold is 1,999. The Mastech MS8261 also has an auto power off, useful in case one forgets to shut it down.

There are also indicators on the device, including low battery and one for the polarity and range. The MS8261 conforms to the standards IEC1010-1 CAT II 1000V & CAT III 600V. Other features include resistance, AC/DC voltage, capacitance and current. There is also a resettable fuse.

Capacitance Meter Specifications: Mastech Digital MS8222H

The MS8222H measures 195 X 92 X 43 mm and weighs 2 lbs. Aside from checking capacitance, the device also has inductance, current, AC/DC voltage and frequency capabilities. The Mastech Digital MS8222H also functions as a multimeter and LCR meter.

It can monitor the temperature in both C and F. The inductance is 2mH/20mH/200mH/2H/20H. The audible continuity is <30ohm and the battery is 9Vx1, NEDA 1604/6F22.

Accessories include test leads, the battery and a K-Type thermo probe. The case has a rubberized coating. There is a multifunction switch which allows the user to select which function to use. There is also a bracket pivoting from the back. This allows one to hold the unit at an angle for easier use.

Capacitance Meter Specifications: Extech MN26T

The product measures 4.8 x 2.4 x 1.6 inches. The Extech MN26T has protection for fuse and overloading. Along with capacitance gauging, the unit can also measure AC and DC voltage up to 600 V. The AC / DC currents are up to 10A and the resistance to 40M.

The Extech MN26T can also measure temperature from 0 F to 1400 F. The unit comes with a Type K temperature probe. Other features of the product include diode test, duty cycle and continuity. There are also test leads, two AA batteries and a protective holder. The Extech MN26T is UL, CE and Cat II 600V listed.

Other Capacitance Meter Specifications

Some devices like volt meters have capacitance measuring features as well. These devices work by charging the capacitor under test using a known current.

What the device does is measure the voltage rise. The slower the rise, the bigger the capacitance. The capabilities of these digital volt meters vary, but most of them can measure up to several hundred nanofarads.

Buying a Capacitance Meter

Just ask yourself what type of device you need. While some devices come with plenty of features, ask yourself if those features are necessary. You could end up paying for a product whose other features you won’t use.

The capacitance meter specifications on these products show that devices sold today do more than just check capacitance. If the capacitance comes with a lot of features, follow the instructions to use them properly.

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