Size of a Concrete Mixer Truck

A concrete mixer truck comes in many forms, but its basic function remains the same: to prepare concrete. You can use the specs described below as a basic for comparison with other mixers.

McNeilus Standard Concrete Mixer Truck Dimensions

This standard mixer has a drum capacity of 3-1/2 – 14 cu yd. The discharge opening is 42". The drum transmission is ZF P7300. The head thickness, skin thickness and fin thickness are all 3/16". This standard truck mixer has bolted surge fins and a bolted hatch.

The main chute has a length of 5’. Other features include an engine driven lift and air chute lock. The length (transitional) is 30". The first extension is 4’ and the second is also 4’.

The McNeilus has a steel tank water system (125 gallons). It is fitted with standard water ball valves. The truck also comes with LED lights. The charge hopper has a 3 bar light. The hydraulic specs are as follows: pump: Eaton 54 Series; reservoir: steel round; motor: Eaton 46 Series; reservoir mounting: front side of pedestal.

Optional features may be added, including the Eagle Eye Obstacle Detection System, composite, non-pressurized water tank, 46" discharge opening and a third chute extension.

McNeilus Bridgemaster Concrete Mixer Truck Dimensions

The head, skin and fin thickness is 3/16”. The body drum has a capacity of 9-1/2 – 14 cu yd. The truck has water valves and LED lights. The water system is steel tank and comes with two steel extensions. The length (transitional) is 30”.

The truck has an engine driven lift and a 5’ main chute. The hatch is one and has bolted surge fins. The drum transmission is ZF P7300. The discharge opening is 42”. The fenders are Polly Bridgemaster.

Like the other mixers, the Bridgemaster may be equipped with other features. These include 85, 90, 100, 115, 125, 150 gallon water tanks (aluminum or steel). Lined, aluminum or steel chutes are also options.

Other features that may be implemented are an 18" fold-over chute, PK7500 drum transmission, a larger discharge opening and a pendant controller. The Revolution drum, the Trimble DriveSafe System, Eaton 54 Series motor, Vulcan scales and non-pressurized water tanks may also be added.

Not only are the concrete mixer truck dimensions varied, but the number of features that may be added is quite extensive. Have your people look over each of the specs before you have them included. This will ensure you get the most from your money.

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