Racing Seats Dimensions

Racing seat dimensions are custom fitted for the driver and/or the racing event. This means the seats used in NASCAR racing are different from those used in rally racing or Formula 1.

How Racing Seats are Measured

The following shows you how some companies make custom racing eats. This is for information purposes only; racing cars may use different methods.

Eye Port

The first step to getting a customized racing seat is to measure the eye port. Make sure the neck and head are straight forward. Measure the distance from the point where the shoulder and neck meet the eye’s center.

Shoulder Height

To get accurate racing seat dimensions, sit on a hard surface and hold up your arms like you are holding the steering wheel. Set the tape measure’s end on the floor. Take the measurement from the point where the shoulders and neck join up.

How to Measure the Shoulder Width

Sit with your hands outstretched like you are holding the steering wheel. Measure the outer portion of one shoulder to the outer part of your other shoulder.

Getting the Waist Width

This is the belly button area. Measure from outside to outside.

Hip Width

To get the hip width, get the measurement at the widest section under the belt line.

Leg Width

There are two steps here. Step one is to measure the width of the legs 8 inches apart. The second step is, with the legs 8 inches apart, measure at the outer knee area of one knee to the other.

Buying or Ordering Racing Car Seats

The easiest way to get customized racings seats is to find a dealer near you. By going to the shop, they will be able to get precise measurements. If that is not possible, you can go online and order customized seats.

When you find one on the Net, they will ask for measurements like the ones described earlier. In some cases, pictures of you in the proper position will be needed. Follow the instructions given so they can provide you with the right size. If ordering online, double check your measurements so the fitting will be correct.

Keep in mind that some racing seat dimensions cannot be determined online. With some seats you will have to go the shop and get measurements there. It is a good idea to inquire about the size first. This will save a lot of trouble later on.

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