Most Expensive Wedding Dress

Weddings can be pretty expensive. No matter how much you try to save and scrimp and make it as simple as you possibly can, you will still end up spending quite an amount of money.

Now, if you have money to spend; that’s another story. You can get the most expensive wedding dress, give away the most expensive freebies to your guests and spend millions on food and wine.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World

Diamond Wedding Dress – Cost: USD12 million

If you can pay a whopping 12 million dollars, you can own the most expensive wedding dress in the world. Unveiled during a wedding fashion show in 2006, this was a creative collaboration between jeweler Martin Katz and designer Renee Strauss.

This mermaid-cut wedding dress is adorned with 150 carats worth of diamonds. To date, no bride-to-be has gotten hold of this wedding dress because it does come with a dizzying price tag.

Wedding Dress by Yumi Katsura – Cost: USD8 million

Japanese designer Yumi Katsura’s wedding dress adorned with a rare green diamond worth 8.8 carats and another diamond worth 5 carats plus more than one thousand pearls takes the second place for the most expensive wedding gown in the world.

Exquisite fabrics of silk and satin materials were also used to make this very unique wedding dress.

Wedding Dress by Mauro Adami – Cost: USD335,000

Italian designer Mauro Adami made a wedding dress fit for the perfect bride: forty meters of cloth made of silk fabric and platinum threads. This was unveiled in London during the Hatton Garden Jewellery fair.

Peacock Feather Wedding Dress – Cost: USD1.5 million

For a truly one-of-a-kind wedding dress, any bride would surely stand out in a wedding dress made of peacock feathers – thousands upon thousand of them – and decorated with sixty Haitian jade stones.

Unveiled during a wedding expo in China, the design team took over 2 months to complete this peacock-inspired and truly unique wedding dress.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Wedding Dress – Cost: USD200,000

When actress Catherine Zeta-Jones walked down the aisle to marry Michael Douglas, she looked every bit the part of a Hollywood glamour girl, exquisite in her $200,000 wedding dress designed by Christian Lacroix.

Couture Wedding Dress by Khanchan Couture – Cost: USD130,000

This wedding dress weighs two kilograms and was designed by a renowned jewelry designer based in Hong Kong. It is adorned with jewels, almost ten thousand of them, worth a total of 9999 carats.

The exquisite gown was handmade and each jewel was painstakingly attached piece by piece by hand.

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