How Big is a 4 Gauge Piercing

A 4 gauge piercing size is 0.204 inches or 5.189 mm. In fractions, this is equal to 13/64”. The 4 gauge is often expressed as 4ga.
Ear Gauge Size Guide 
18ga is between 1/32” and 3/64” in fractions. It is equal to 0.040” or 1.024 mm. 16ga is equal to 0.051” or 1.291 mm. 14ga is the same as 1/16” in fraction, 0.064” and 1.628 mm. 12ga is the same as 0.081” and 2.053 mm. In fractions it is equal to 5/64”. 
10ga is 1/10” in fractions. In inches it is 0.102. In mm, it is 2.588 mm. 8ga is equal to 1/8” in fractions. It is 0.128” or 3.264 mm. 6ga is between 5/32” and 3/16”. In inches it is 0.162”. 
Compared to the 4 gauge piercing size, the 2ga is equal to 1/4”. In inches this is equivalent to 6.544 mm or 0.258”. The 0ga piecing dimensions are equivalent to 5/16”. Its equivalent in inches is 0.325” or 8.251 mm. 
00ga is equal to 0.365” or 9.266 mm. 000ga is the same as 10.41 mm or 0.410”. 0000ga is 15/32” in fractional size. In inches it is 0.460; it is 11.68 mm. 00000ga is 33/64” in fractions. In inches it is 0.517” or 13.1 mm. 
How to Choose the Right Size 
Some ears naturally stretch through the years. This happens often particularly for those who like to wear big earrings. Whatever the case may be, it is best if you use the size guide above to get the figures right. 
It isn’t hard to gauge your ear size. Buy a couple of ear rings. Be certain the post is larger compared to your piercing size. If your size is 0.8 mm, purchase 1 mm earring gauges. Immerse the piercing in lukewarm water. 
Make sure there is antibacterial soap in the water. This is going to clean and soothe your ear lobes. Take one of the earrings. Place this on the ear piercing. Repeat the steps for the other ear.
Keep in mind that ear gauge size charts focuses on the jewelry thickness. As the guide above shows, the jewelry thickness goes up as the gauge number goes down. The guide above is from 20 to 00 gauge. This is the standard used, but there are many others. 
The 4 gauge piercing size is one of the most commonly used. However, the other sizes are also used. By using the reference guide, problems can be avoided.

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