Most Expensive Diamond Watches

They say that diamonds are forever. Perhaps this is why jewelries adorned with these gemstones come with a steep price tag. After all, you will be paying for something that will last you a lifetime and your next generation’s lifetime, and the next and the next.

With their excellent quality, plus their brilliance, rare colors and exquisite cuts; diamond jewelries are some of the most expensive pieces in the world.

Diamonds do not only find themselves adorning rings, bracelets, earrings, necklace strings and pendants; they are also found in designer watches.

Some of the World’s Most Expensive Diamond Watches

These days, time is gold – literally. Watch collectors from all over the world pay millions of dollars to get their hands on some of the world’s most exquisite, albeit pricey, diamond timepieces.

Here are some of them:

1. Multi-Colored Diamond Watch – Designer, Chopard; Cost: USD 25 million

This diamond encrusted watch is from luxury watch designer, Chopard. It is studded with diamonds from end to end. It contains a total of eight hundred and seventy-four diamonds of various shapes and sizes worth a total of 201 carats. Diamond colors are red, blue, silver, white and yellow.

2. Secret Phoenix Watch – Designer, Cartier; Cost: USD 2,755,000

This watch’s distinct feature is a phoenix bird whose eyes are encrusted with emeralds and diamonds. There are over three thousand diamonds in brilliant cut adorning this watch. Total carat weight of the diamonds is 80.13.

3. Royal Blue Tourbillion – Designer, Ulysse Nardin; Cost: USD 1 million

This platinum watch is embellished with five hundred and sixty-eight Top Wesselton diamonds of baguette cut worth 33.8 carats. It also has 19.79 worth of carats of royal blue sapphires that are of baguette cut as well.
Only thirty pieces of this watch were made.

4. Black Caviar Bang – Designer, Hublot Genéve; Cost: USD 1 million

This watch comes in an 18 carat white gold case and black or white diamonds. The case has about three hundred and twenty-two diamonds while the bezel has one hundred and seventy-nine diamonds. The clasp contains diamonds, too – all thirty of them.

This watch is so limited that only 1 of its kind was ever made.

5. Crystal Tourbillion – Designer, Jacob & Co.; Cost: USD 900,000

Last but certainly not the least is a diamond watch by Jacob & Co. Its case is adorned with diamonds and the watch’s buckle has a 2.22-carat diamond in baguette cut.

If you want this timepiece, you will have to go to New York as it is only available in this state.

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