Are European Shoe Sizes Unisex

Are European shoe sizes unisex? The answer is they are. The sizing system does not distinguish between genders. For instance, shoe 40 in a European size chart is size 9 for women and size 7.5 for men in US shoes. This sizing system is used by many countries including Italy, Spain, France and other countries in Europe.


The European sizing system measures foot length and adds two centimeters to the result. The results are known as Paris Points. One Paris Point is .2625 inches / 2/3 centimeter. By comparison, US sizes use inches for measuring feet.

Sizes go up in 1/3 inch increments. European sizes begin at 10 for an infant. It goes up to 45 to 50. Because the European system is unisex, it covers a wide area from large to small sizes. Other examples are the following. US kids’ shoe 7 is the same as European 24. European size 31 is the same as US size 13.

Size Comparisons

Most European’s women’s shoes begin at 36. A size 5 in the US is EU 37. Size 6 is equal to EU 38 US size 7 is the same as EU 39. Size 42 is the same as size 10 in the US. Size 11 is the same as size 43 in the EU system. Size 8 is the same as European size 41. U.S.

Size 8 1/2 is the same as EU size 42. European size 43 is the same as U.S. size 9. European size 44 is the same as U.S. size 10 1/2. European size 46 1/2 is the same as U.S. size 12 1/2.


To convert American shoe specs to European, measure your feet. Make sure your feet weight is distributed uniformly. Use a pencil to trace your feet. Measure your feet in inches. Get a sizing chart and get your US shoe measurement and its European equivalent. Bear in mind that shoe charts online are for guideline purposes only. Measurements have to be taken.

The reason is discrepancies may arise. This is due to manufacturing issues. If you need precise measurements, consult a shoemaker. This is to ensure the information will be correct. Wear socks when measuring your feet. This will make your measurements more accurate.

Are European shoe sizes unisex? Yes, which makes conversion not that difficult. But conversions between European and US sizes may not be entirely accurate. A man’s foot is wider at the Achilles tendon compared to a woman’s.

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