What is the Size of a Gun Rack?

Gun rack dimensions are diverse so they can hold different number of firearms. Some racks have measurement of 24”W x 5 1/2”D x 30”H, but others are 28”W x 7”D x 32”H. Some models are 22”W x 4”D x 24”H.

Why Racks are Necessary

The most obvious benefit is that your firearms can be stored there. These racks are also essential in vehicles. If you are carrying a costly firearm, storing them in a truck poses risks. In the event of a sudden collision, the gun may fly off and get broken.

Or you could get hit by the gun if the vehicle is bumped strongly. Among the most sensitive components are the scope and steel components. With the right gun rack dimensions, the gun or guns will remain secure.


Another advantage of using a rack is easy access. Because the gun is easy to get, there is less chance of it being exposed to damage. For hunters, easy access is a must. With a rack, hunters can get to the field rapidly.

Types of Vehicle Racks

The majority of racks are plain and simple. A lot of hunters carry more than a single weapon. For this reason, a multiple weapon rack is suitable. For vehicles, the rear window mount is appropriate.

This is typically used in pick-up trucks with two hunters. For SUVs with several passengers, two side window weapon racks will suffice. These types are good for up to four guns. They are also easy to obtain.

How to Choose a Rack

For homes, it all boils down to the number of guns you have. You also have to think about any future purchases you will make. If you are a gun enthusiast, it is a good idea to buy as large a rack as possible. It is cheaper to buy a large rack than buy several small ones.

When it comes to vehicles, other factors have to be considered. Besides the gun rack dimensions, you have to check the mounting method design. Several racks are sold with mechanical fasteners. This will require making holes on the window. Make sure you do this right. Otherwise, the vehicle will become corroded.

A better alternative is the spade. In trucks, this is slid at the back of the rubber gasket. This allows for a rack to be removed and installed easily. The racks by the way, can be used for storing different kinds of items. These include fishing poles, hats, canes etc.

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