Gaiters Dimensions


The following are some of the gaiter sizes you will come across in stores. However, these figures are not the only ones; other manufacturers may implement their own measuring systems. If you have a brand in mind, check the measurement they use. 

Gaiter Dimensions 

The small gaiter for men is 4-7 (US) / 35-40 (Euro). The medium is 6-9 (US) and 38-42 (Euro). The large is 8-11 (US) and 41-45 (Euro). The extra large is 10-13 (US) and 43-47 (Euro). 

The XX large is 12-15 (US) and 46-50 (Euro). The women’s sizes are small and medium. The small is 5-9 (US) and 35-40 (Euro) and the medium gaiter size is 9-12 (US) and 40-42 (Euro). 

Gaiter Types 

The gaiter is worn over the footwear to keep dirt, debris, water and other elements from getting in. There are many types of gaiters, and the type you select depends on what you do. The trail gaiters are for protection against light rain and rocks. 

These are light and breathable. They are for mild weather hikes. The alpine gaiters are for cross-country skiing, mountaineering and hiking. They have extra protection for water and rock abrasion. 

The expedition gaiters have insulation and made for heavy duty use. These gaiter sizes and type is for mountaineering in harsh weather. These are breathable and water resistant. 

Low and High Gaiters

The one you choose is dependent on your needs. The low gaiters are up to your ankles (usually 8” to 12”). These are made for mild weather. 

They are used when you just want the rain out of your footwear. The regular gaiters are 15” to 18” high. These are suitable for hiking in rugged conditions or going through snow. Regular gaiters are also for use in bad weather. 


Gaiters typically are secured by Velcro, although there are some with zippers. The older gaiters have rear entry. Gaiters are usually cinched with drawcords and toggles. Others have a cam buckle and top strap. 

The instep straps are used to secure the gaiters to your footwear. The straps can be lace or synthetic. The synthetic and leather straps are the most durable. Lace hooks are used to connect the boot laces to the gaiters. 

All of these factors –the gaiter sizes, the types and extra features- have to be considered before you make any decision on what to buy. Just make sure to use the gaiter for the condition it is designed for. 

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