How Big is a Herb Grinder?

Herbs are wonderful additions to a bunch of recipes. They provide aroma, a difference in taste, and an alluring body to the dish. For grinding herbs, you can use a reliable gadget like an herb grinder.

What is an Herb Grinder?

Well, an herb grinder is simply a tool that will help you chop and grind and crush and mash your herbs in a breeze. It is but a small gadget that will easily fit into your storeroom. Plus, it is highly functional, you will love to have one around.

Herb grinders are great for red chilies, black and white peppers, ginger roots, ginseng, basil, oregano, cassava root, Gingko, Ginseng, coriander, thyme, dill seed, and cinnamon among others.

How big is a herb grinder you need depends on what you need it for and how often. If you will use it often, you better invest on a good quality and good-sized grinder that will serve your purpose well. If you are running a small household, a compact size might be enough. Here are some classes of units to choose from:

Wooden Herb Grinder – This is about 65mm in diameter and weighs only 75 grams. It is lightweight and compact. If you are looking for a unit that is great for regular family recipes, this is an ideal choice. Most wooden variety would twist the buds and grind it away. You will get results in seconds.

Electric Herb Grinder – Without having to twist and turn, this fully automatic unit has tiny blades that will do the crushing and mashing for you. All you need to do is to push a button. On the average, they weigh 70 grams and have a dimension of 110 x 140 mm.

Metal Herb Grinder – This is mostly sized at 60 grams in weight and about 14.5 centimeters in height. They offer an easy rolling mechanism that often comes with a motor capacity.

There are other types of herb and spice grinders. Each is designed for a specific set of requirements. So when choosing which unit is good for you, make sure that you look through the specs carefully. There are also acrylic grinders, twist grinders, simple graters, hash grinders, magnetic grinders, and spherical grinders among others.

In order to find the best grinder that will fit your needs, you will not have to go out of house or your comfort zone. You can easily shop online. That way, you will also be able to compare products and see which ones will give you the best value.

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