Dimension of a Garage

The dimensions of a garage are numerous and varied. There are three basic layouts, however: the single, double and triple. The single type measures 4.5 m x 6 m, the double 6 m x 6.5 m and the triple 9 m x 6.5 m.

About Garage Door Sizes

Aside from the garage itself, the door sizes must be considered too. These are many different sizes, and you could easily end up with the wrong one if you are not careful. All the garage door measurements given here give the width first and followed by the height (W x H).

Double Car Doors

These doors are sold in many sizes, including 18 x 8 ft, 16 x 8 ft, 14 x 8 ft, 12 x 8 ft and 18 x 7 ft. These doors are also available in the following sizes: 16 x 7 ft, 14 x 7 and 12 x 7 ft. The dimensions of a garage door of this type may vary in other shops.

Single Car Door

The single car doors come in the following measurements: 10 x 8 ft, 9 x 8 ft and 8 x 8 ft. The single car doors are also sold in sizes of 10 x 7 ft, 9 x 7 ft and 8 x 7 ft. Note that these are general measurements; the actual sizes used by manufacturers may result in measurement differences of several inches.

Golf Cart Size Doors

These are available in 6 x 8 feet, 5 x 7 feet, and 4 x 8 feet. There are also doors measuring 5 x 6 feet.

How to Choose the Right Garage

To choose the right dimensions of a garage, you need to assess the number of vehicles you want to put there. Aside from the vehicles you want to put in, you also have to decide if the garage will be used to store other equipment.

The size guide specified earlier is for storing the vehicles only. If you plan to use the garage for storing other equipment, you need to make the garage much bigger.

Tips on Choosing the Proper Garage Doors

The primary consideration will be the physical size of the garage of course. The other thing that must be assessed is your location. Your location may also determine what type of garage door is available. When installing doors, make sure you follow the building codes as specified in your city.

To get the garage door right, you just have to measure the space you set up. If you are uncertain of the figure, get in touch with a garage door dealer.

They can help you with the measurements. This is typically done for free. Remember that garage doors come in different types. You need to assess these carefully before deciding what to buy.

Deciding on the dimensions of a garage means accounting for everything you will place there. If you are putting in other equipment or plan on getting another vehicle, they will have to be accounted for too.

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