China Cabinet Dimensions

China cabinet dimensions differ a great deal. Some corner style China cabinets measure 26"L x 11 3/4"W x 71"H. There are also some cabinets that measure 64"W 18"D 83.5"H.

If you are going to buy a China cabinet, you will also have to consider the finish and materials used for the unit, as they vary too. Some are made of hardwood and others have birch veneers. Other designs have a cherry finish.

Types and Styles

While they are all called China cabinets, there are many styles available for both classical and contemporary homes. A corner China cabinet, as the name suggests, is used to add life and beauty to a corner or wall. You can use the cabinet to store various items or mementos.

The hutch China cabinet dimensions are ideal for those who want to make maximum use of their space. The extra room provided by the China cabinet is useful for storing various items. There are many styles available, one of the most popular being the distressed style.

Antique Modern and Country Style China Cabinets

The antique or traditional China cabinet is best used with other antique furniture and decorations. These cabinets come in many sizes, but they are best used in areas with sufficient space to highlight the decors or the China cabinet itself. Properly set up, the China cabinet can be the main decorative item in the room.

The modern China cabinet dimensions and styles are preferable for homes with contemporary looks and furnishing. They are available in a variety of styles.

Overall, the modern China cabinet places more emphasis on the sleek trim lines. The colors are also light. The country style China cabinets will give your room a more rustic appearance. It can make the area look simple yet elegant.

Caring for China Cabinets

Dust is one of the most common reasons for China cabinet damage. If left untreated, the dust could accumulate and cause more damage. The best way to deal with the problem is to clean the cabinet with a damp and clean towel.

The right way to dust a China cabinet is by following the wood grain. You can also take care of the cabinet by cleaning it with the soft head of your vacuum cleaner. Another way to clean the cabinet is by using oil and wax. Wax is usually preferred to oil. It can be applied every six months.

How to Display Items on a China Cabinet

Don’t overcrowd the cabinet. Display in odd numbers (3s, 5s, 7s etc). If the pieces are big, display only three or five items. If you are displaying items of varied sizes, always put the biggest one in the middle. The size of the cabinet plays a crucial role here. Make sure there is sufficient space on the cabinet.

Ultimately, it is not so much the China cabinet dimensions that will determine how beautiful the decorations will be, but rather the placing and setting. By matching it up with the other items in the room, the whole area will look radiant.

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