Biggest Wild Cats

The biggest wild cats are the Siberian tigers, a tiger subspecies. The males usually weigh 180–306 kg (400–670 lb). It can reach lengths of 270–330 cm (110–130 in) long. It is about 47 inches tall. The largest weighed so far tipped the scales at over 700 lbs.


Overall, the tiger is the biggest. The average weight is around 600 lbs. These are solitary creatures unlike the lion. Many tigers are yellow with dark vertical stripes. Others have a reddish-orange color. The environment determines its colors. They are an endangered species.


Lions are the second biggest wild cat species. They can weigh anywhere from 300 to 500 lbs. Colors range from tawny to fawn with shades of black at the mane. Females hunt while males guard their territory. These creatures live in groups of 5 up to 18.


The jaguar can weigh 40-100 kg (220 lbs). Its most noticeable feature is the rosette markings. There are also black jaguars, but even these have rosettes. The jaguar kills its prey with a single head bite.


The cougar can weigh between 75 to 250 lbs. The body is 4 ½ feet long. They are capable of jumping to a height of 18 feet. Their color is tawny with white on their stomachs. The creature is also known as the puma or mountain lion.


The average leopard weighs 25-80 kg (176 lbs) but can weigh up to 200 lbs. Black spots cover its brown coat. The leopard doesn’t really like water, but it can swim. These wild cats prefer to hunt small and medium sized prey. They like to haul their victim up a tree where it is consumed.

Snow Leopards

The snow leopard can weigh up to 35-55 kg (77 to 121 lbs). This animal thrives in remote environments. Many have white coat with rosettes. Some however, are yellowish or gray in color. Their thick coats protect them from cold. All snow leopards can jump six times their body length.


Cheetahs weigh around 30-45 kg (99 lbs). They are the quickest land animals, able to run up to 70 mph. The cheetah is similar to the leopard in appearance, but it is longer. It is a solitary animal that preys on impala and gazelle.

These are the biggest wild cats in existence today. Many of them were almost hunted to extinction, but conservation efforts are increasing their population once again.

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