What is the Size of a Pet Fountain?

A pet fountain gives your pets a fresh supply of water every time they want to drink, very much unlike the stagnant water in their feeding bowls.

So what is the size of a pet fountain?

This drinking fountain made especially for pets come in different sizes, usually determined by the amount of water the container can hold, the number of pets it can accommodate at a time as well as the size of your pet.

Pet Fountain Sizes

There are several ways to answer, “What is the size of a pet fountain?” First, you may answer this based on the amount of water its container can hold. So for this sizing guide, pet fountains can come in 50-ounce, 128-ounce, 168 and 288-ounce sizes.

If you have two to three pets who will be using the pet fountain and they may use it at the same time, you can go with the bigger sizes; starting with the 128-ounce pet fountain.

On the other hand, if you would like to answer the question “What is the size of a pet fountain?” in specific dimensions, either in inches or centimeters; some manufacturers do indicate the size specifications of their pet fountains.

One such example of specific dimensions is a pet fountain that measures about 14 inches in length by 10 inches in height by 7.7 inches in width. This size can usually accommodate a maximum of 108 ounces of water.

One other size specification for a pet fountain that may help you figure out “What is the size of a pet fountain?” is a model that has a higher water reservoir which can accommodate up to a gallon of water. This type usually measures around 13.8 inches in height by 11.7 inches in length by 7.7 inches in width.

How to Choose a Pet Fountain

One of the most important considerations that you may wish to take not of when determining your own specifications for “What is the size of a pet fountain?” is the number of days the water in the reservoir will last.

Basically, the size of the reservoir will give you at least five to nine days of fresh water supply for your pets. Bigger sizes can give you water supply from 21 up to 54 days.

You also do not need to worry about keeping the water fresh even if you don’t change it for a month because there are special filters for pet fountains that keep the water fresh for long periods of time.

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