Sizes of Bath Tubs

Having a bath tub can sometimes become quite a luxury in today’s standards for modern living. A well sized and well styled tub can easily become the highlight of any bathroom. This can make one pause with regard to designing their bathrooms. In fact, choosing a tub becomes more of an afterthought for some. Take note that there are various sizes of bath tubs out there.

Standard Size

The standard American bath tub will have its dimensions as 30″ x 60″ (width and length) and will be 20 inches deep. This size of a bath tub can hold up to 42 gallons of water if it is filled from its bottom to the very overflow. At times, some folks would want to get a smaller bath tub so that they can have more floor space on in the bathroom. However, it should be noted that one would be hard pressed to find anything smaller than this standard size.

Other Sizes of Bath Tubs

Though looking for a bath tub that is smaller than the standard size will be difficult, it isn’t really impossible. If one tries hard enough they will be able to find one that is indeed smaller than standard eventually. There are bath tub manufacturers that do make tubs that are around four feet in length.

As a precaution, when people purchase bath tubs that are smaller than the standard size, they should be prepared for future difficulties and problems. For one thing, smaller bath tubs will eventually break down and will need repair. Finding spare parts for smaller than standard size tubs can be just as difficult as finding a manufacturer that makes the original tub. The repair costs might also be little steeper for smaller tubs as compared to other sizes of bath tubs.

There are of course, other options open to customers in case they want to save space. For instance they may want to consider the shape of the tub that may save them some more room. Take note that not all tubs are rectangular in shape. There oval shaped bath tubs with dimensions as 35″ x 65″ x 22″ that can be used as space savers. There are also Jacuzzi type bath tubs and tubs in other shapes and styles.

Home owners may look at the various sizes of bath tubs or check out the different designs and styles available. After that, they can pick out a bath tub that doesn’t take up a lot of space in their bathroom. The idea is to match the size and design of the bath tub to the available space in the bathroom.

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