220 Gallon Aquarium Dimensions

220 gallon aquarium dimensions are 72.5″ x 24.5″ x 29″. The height of the tank will also depend on the stand. A tall stand will add several inches to its height. Most of these tanks weigh a ton. If you add the rocks, coral, sand, water etc, the weight can reach two tons.


These tanks can be a showcase piece for your home. With these kinds of tanks, you will have enough room for several small fish or a couple of large ones. If you are going to buy one of these products, several factors have to be considered. Due to their size, the tank will take some time to set up.

You also have to do a lot of cleaning, feeding, fish monitoring and so on. Because of the size of the tank, these activities will take some time. But technological advances have made these tasks less difficult than they used to be.

How to Choose a Location

The dimensions of the tank means you have to set aside a specific spot in your home or office for it. Place the aquarium on level ground and not exposed to sunlight. There are many places you can put these structures. It can be in the den, living room, kitchen or some other place where it can be easily seen by guests.

Due to the 220 gallon aquarium dimensions, it can easily overwhelm any room. You need to balance the design of the room. Again, weight and size should be assessed.

Salt will weigh 8.6 pounds for every gallon. Water weighs 8.35 lbs per gallon. The site must be able to support this kind of weight. Ideally, the site should be at a wall that is load bearing. If there are two floors, put the aquarium on the first floor just to be sure.

Stands and Water

If the tank does not come with a stand, you can buy one online. Stands are available for any size up to 220 gallon aquarium dimensions. Anything larger than this will require a customized stand. If the tank is set up properly, water can run in the aquarium. This is important especially when working with large tanks.

Finally, you have to choose between acrylic and glass. The bigger aquariums are usually made from acrylic because they are lighter. The drawback is acrylic is more costly than glass. However, acrylic glass scratches can be fixed; glass cannot.

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