How Big is a Rotisserie?

If you love to barbecue, you should know that there are more machines used in cooking barbecue than just the regular grill. Every kind of grilled food cooks a different way. There is also the consideration for how big of a crowd you are feeding.

The rotisserie is one of your options when it comes to barbecuing. This is quite efficient and very convenient to use, especially if you are holding an outdoor barbecue party for a small group of people. It is also specially designed to grill big chunks of meat, even whole animals, in a slow cook manner. Having said that, you can imagine that a rotisserie is big enough to accommodate a couple of chickens at a time or a whole hog or beef.

The Size

Like with many other grills and barbecue equipments, rotisseries come in different shapes and sizes. The most commonly used in households is the horizontal type. The size is determined on how long the spit is. Naturally, you would choose something that is longer than the length of any food you intend to cook in it. Grilling a whole hog, for example, requires at least 12” allowance from the source of heat. So if you are getting a rotisserie for that, you have to estimate what size would fit the need.

The Cooking Method

Grilling at a rotisserie is like cooking in a barbecue pit. Only this time, you will not have to dig a hole in the ground to create a source of heat because rotisseries usually come with a full-length heat box with a cooking chamber. The smoke from the grilled food circulates inside, giving such a unique flavor while keeping the cook free from all the rolling smoke that could move straight to the face.

Most rotisseries come with many amazing features that redefine the art of grilling. But basically, it is still merely about cooking food in an open flame, allowing it to have a nice, smoky flavor, which adds to the main allure of the marinade.

If there is a significant difference of rotisseries from other grills, it is its rotating system. Cooking in this wonderful kitchen equipment allows the food to rotate on its own so you do not have to constantly turn and check if the other side is cooked as much as the other.

With all the conveniences that a rotisserie can offer, it is no longer surprising that it is constantly gaining popularity. It may be more expensive than your regular grill but with the kind of function it offers, you will never get disappointed.

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