Laser Printer Sizes

When buying laser printers, the physical dimensions of the Laser Printerunit is something you may want to consider. This can be a crucial factor especially if room is limited.

Laser Printer Size: Samsung ML-1640 Mono

The unit measures 353 x 298 x 209mm (w x h x d). The weight is 5.7 kg and the noise level is lower than 50dBA when printing and 26dBA in standby mode. The memory storage is 8 MB and the processor is 150 MHz. It is USB 2.0 compatible. The speed is up to 16ppm (using A4).

At ready mode, the printout time is 10 seconds. The resolution is 1200 x 600dpi. The printer can handle plain, thin, OHP and card paper. It can also handle recycled paper and labels. The input capacity is 150 sheets and the output capacity is 100 sheets. The printer can run on Windows, Linux and the Mac OS.

Laser Printer Size: Canon LBP2900

The printer is 370 x 251 x 217mm and weighs 5.7 kg (without the cartridge). The interface is USB 2.0. The printer can run on Windows 98 and up. The paper output is 100 sheets and the paper input is 150 sheets (front tray). Acceptable paper sizes are A4, Executive, Monarch, Envelope, LTR and many more.

The first print out time is 9 seconds. The printer uses the PC’s memory (about 2 MB). The speed is 12ppm. The resolution is 600 x 600 dpi at enhanced. With smoothing technology, it is 2400 x 600 dpi. The printer also employs a U shaped paper path. This is to lessen the occurrence of paper jamming.

Laser Printer Size: Epson Laser EPL 6200L

The printer measures 378 x 275 x 274 mm and weighs 7.9kg. The unit can print up to 15,000 pages. It has 2 MB of memory and supports USB. The maximum paper output is 100 sheets and the maximum paper input is 150 sheets.

The EPL can handle various paper sizes including the A4, GLG, F4, Monarch, A5, HLT and GLT. Labels, envelopes and other paper types are acceptable.

The printer can also handle up to 150 sheets of recycled paper. The warm up time is under 21 seconds. The processor is the 48MHz 32 bit RISC. The highest print speed is 20ppm (using A4). The resolution is 600 dpi. The entire page can be printed on except for a 4mm margin. The Mac and Windows operating systems are supported.

Laser Printer Size: HP Laserjet P1005

The printer is 349 mm (13.7 inches) wide with a depth of 238 mm (9.4 inches). The height is 195 mm (7.7 inches). It weighs 5.2 kg with the cartridge installed. The printing speed is 14ppm (A4). That is about 15ppm for letter size paper. The input tray has a capacity of 150 sheets.

The priority feed capacity is 10 sheets and it comes with 8 MB of RAM. The resolution is up to 1,200 dpi. The P1005 supports a wide variety of paper sizes.

When buying a printer, the speed, durability and high end features are important. If you have plenty of space the laser printer size won’t matter that much. But if it is limited, you need to assess that aspect carefully.

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