How Big is a Crib Mattress?

Couples expecting their first child may still be in the dark about the many do’s and don’ts regarding preparing for the baby’s birth. Preparing the baby’s nursery takes a lot of time and effort.

Soon-to-be parents will most likely spend many hours picking out one specific nursery item alone. Two of the most important items in the nursery are of course the baby’s crib and the mattress that will go with the crib.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a mattress for the crib, the size of the mattress being one of them.

How Big is a Crib Mattress?

Crib manufacturers need to follow certain standards when making their selection of cribs as well as crib mattresses. The specifications were put in place in order to prevent the risk of the baby coming into harm when they are sleeping on their cribs.

Before you begin to consider the answer to “How big is a crib mattress?” you should first look at the standard size of the crib. This will ensure that the mattress you will be picking out for the baby will fit perfectly into the crib.

An ill-fitting crib mattress poses many risks not least of which is suffocation.

A baby crib should have an interior measurement of fifty-two inches in length and twenty-eight inches in width. With that in check, you can now find the right mattress to go with your baby’s crib.

Now, for the matter of answering your query on how big is a crib mattress, the standard size is approximately fifty-one and five-eighths inches in length and twenty-seven and one-fourth inches in width.

Rounded off, “How big is a crib mattress?” is 28 inches wide by 52 inches long.

Choosing a Crib Mattress for Your Baby

Your crib mattress will be the constant “companion” of your baby during his first few months after birth. This is why choosing the best one for him is very important.

First of all, look at the materials used in making the mattress. You may want to go with a hypo-allergenic mattress or even an organically-made mattress.

These pose fewer risks of developing allergies especially since the baby’s skin is very sensitive and the wrong mattress may give him rashes.

You should also check for the firmness of the mattress. Anything that’s too soft is usually not recommended because the baby might sink down too low as he sleeps in one position which could result in asphyxiation.

Finally, check for durability. Your baby will most likely use his crib until his toddler years so you will want to check just how long the crib and the mattress will last so you won’t have to buy a new one especially when he’s nearing that age where he could already be ready for a toddler bed.

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