How Big are Mummy Sleeping Bags?

There are several mummy sleeping bag sizes available today. There are bags with dimensions of 32″ x 82″, 34″ x 84″ and other dimensions.


These are among the oldest bags in existence. The ability to keep you warm is the main reason for their popularity. Many of the bags allow a 25 F level. The weight is often less than 30 ounces. The design is such that a lot of warm air will be kept within. The more warm air is present, the less cold you will be.

Design and Features

Even though the mummy sleeping bag sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the designs are similar. The ends are narrow, resembling that of a mummy. That is the reason why it is called a mummy bag. The shaping is intentional so heat is stored. The narrow-ended design has another benefit.

For example, the regularly shaped bag has areas where the fabric / filling is thin. These parts are cold. The narrowing bottom keeps heat from being lost at the feet. The upper portion of the bag has a hood.

The hood will keep the hiker covered completely covered except for the face. Just like other bags, a zipper is built in. This makes it easy for people to exit and enter the bag.


Different materials are used to make these bags. All of them however, are resistant to water. No matter what the weather is, you will be kept dry. Without this feature, the material will get soaked. The stuffing used is typically quilted so they remain in position.

Cleaning and Maintenance

These bags often use different kinds of fillings. For this reason, unique laundering methods may have to be used. The instructions may vary per product, so obey the instructions. The majority of these bags can be compressed. This allows you to put the bag in a sack. This will leave the camper plenty of room for other gear.

Other Considerations

The mummy sleeping bag sizes have to be looked into thoroughly. A snug bag is nice, but you don’t want it to be too tight. Price is always a factor, but so is quality. A cheap but poorly made bag is not going to last.

For the camper, a light bag is essential. The last thing you want is a bag that is a burden to carry. They must also be easy to repack. A well designed zipper is also a must.

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