Worlds Largest Horse

The largest horse in the world is a 9 year old Belgian gelding named Jake. The horse is just ¼ inch under 6’ 11”. This measurement is from the unshod hooves to the withers. The owner is Jerry Gilbert of Smokey Hollow Farm.

Jake and Bruce

Jake’s status was certified in March 2010 with a certificate from Guinness World Records stating that it is the tallest horse on the planet. Another horse owned by Gilbert, Bruce, is a bit shorter than Jake at 80.75 inches. However, Bruce outweighs Jake by 250 lbs.


The previous record holder was Remington, a horse in Dallas, North Texas. The horse is 80 inches tall and weighs over 3000 pounds. The owner is Cheryl Davis and it was through her efforts that Remington first became noticed. She created a blog about the horse, and it was this that drew people’s attention.

It eventually caught people’s attention and it became the largest horse in the world until Jake came along. The trainer of Remington is Bunny Morrissey. According to Morrissey and Davis, Remington is playful by nature and rather clumsy. This is in contrast to Jake, who is shy.


Before Jake and Remington came along, the record holder was a horse from Belgium named Radar. It was regarded as the biggest horse on the planet from 2004 until 2009. Radar is 79.5 inches high. It is half an inch shorter than Remington. The animal is owned by the Perfect Ranch Equipment. Radar is based in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

Potential Record Holder

There is another horse that could be could be contending for the title of the biggest horse on the planet. It is a Clydesdale based in Great Britain. The horse, named Dagger, is just four years old. However, it already stands 6 ft 6 in. This measurement is from the ground to the highest portion of the back.

If measured from the tip of the ears to the tail, it is 8 ft 5 inches. If the head is raised up, Dagger will be almost 9 ft tall. A horse in Tennessee named Cracker is about the same size as Dagger. Because Dagger is still young, its potential for growth is still there.

As the facts show, the title of the largest horse in the world can change quickly. There may be another horse out there that is taller than Jake. For now however, the title belongs to Jake.

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