Biggest Wedding Band

The biggest wedding band size in the US is size 13. It is .879 inches in diameter. This is equal to 22.33 mm. Other large sizes include 12 3/4 (22.10 mm), 12 1/2 (.862 inches; 21.89 mm) and 12 1/4 (21.69 mm). 
Choosing the Right Band 
There are many kinds available, so you have plenty of options. The first thing you have to consider is the material. Some of the most popular choices are titanium, gold and silver. The design is something else that will have to be assessed. 
If you prefer something simple yet elegant, you have plenty to select from. Of course there are also elaborately designed rings. It all depends on your style and preference. 
Where to Buy and the Price 
Whether you decide to buy the biggest wedding band or not, where you purchase will be important. Many prefer to buy online because it is more convenient. Using your web browser, you’ll be able to compare the features and price easily. 
Others prefer to make their purchase in real stores. While online shopping is convenient, there is nothing like seeing the thing in person. The choice is up to you. 
In terms of price, online stores tend to be cheaper. This is understandable. The costs are minimal compared to running a real store. But this isn’t always the case of course. Whether you decide to buy online or not, be on the lookout for sales and discounts. 
Titanium Bands 
This is now one of the most preferred choices for couples. Part of the attraction lies in the fact that it is sturdy, scratch proof and light. For people with sensitive skin, it offers another advantage; it doesn’t react against the skin. 
If you are looking for durability, you cannot go wrong here. It is much stronger than gold and many other types of jewelry. It is also used to make aircraft parts. 
The cost is similar to gold. The price is often dictated by the design. If other precious stones are added, the price will go up. These are available in many colors. Among the most popular are gold, black and silver. These are made for both men and women.
There is an easy way to determine if you need the biggest wedding band size or not. Just go to a wedding ring specialist. They will be able to determine your finger size to see which the right fit is. 

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