Square Miles of America



The total square miles of America is 3,794,101 sq mi. That is equal to 9,826,675 km2. In terms of size it is 3/10th of Africa and half of Russia. It is a bit larger than Brazil and half the size of South America. It is 2 1/2 times bigger than the European Union. It is slightly larger than China. The total population in the US was estimated in 2010 at 310 million. 
Other Geographical Data 
Its geographic coordinates are 38 00 N, 97 00 W. The bordering nations are Canada 8,893 km (2,477 km if Alaska is included) and Mexico 3,141 km. The arable land is 18.01%. New York City is the largest city. America is located between Mexico and Canada. It borders the North Pacific Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean. 
The square miles of America allow for a varied climate. Many places are temperate. However, it is tropical in Florida and Hawaii. The Great Basin in the southwest is arid while the west Mississippi River plans are semiarid. In Alaska it is arctic. Low winter temperatures prevail in the northwest. 
Natural Resources 
These include timber, natural gas, petroleum, tungsten, potash, mercury and gold. Currently, the US has the most coal reserves at 491 billion short tons.
Population Centers 
The most populated city is New York with a metro area population of 19,006,798. It is followed by Los Angeles with a population of 12,872,808. Third is Chicago with a population of 9,569,624. 
Number four is Dallas with a population of 6,300,006. The fifth most populated city is Philadelphia with 5,838,471. At number six is Houston (5,728,143); at seven is Miami, 5,514,772 and at eight is Atlanta, 5,376,285. 
At number 9 is Washington D.C. with a population of 5,358,130. The tenth most populated city is Boston with 4,522,858. The capital is Washington D.C. 
English is the most widely spoken language at 225.5 million. Next is Spanish, incl. Creole (34.5 million) followed by Chinese with 2.5 million speakers. French, incl. Creole is at number four with 2.0 million. 
Tagalog is at five, spoken by 1.5 million people. At number six is Vietnamese with 1.2 million speakers. German is spoken by 1.1 million people and Korean also by 1.1 million people. 
The square miles of America do not make it the biggest country in the world, but its influence is enormous. Even though the country is undergoing economic difficulties, it remains the lone superpower in the world. 


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