What are Free Weights Measured In?

Free weight measurements are in pounds (lbs). The weight plates added on the equipment can range from 1 lb (0.45kg) to over 120 lbs (45 kg).

Defining the Weights

These are handheld weights; that is, they are not connected to weight lifting machinery. Handheld weights include kettlebells, weight bars, dumbbells and barbells. These weights are often used in home gyms because they are more affordable than the weight machines.


Barbells and dumbbells are sold in various shapes and sizes. Some dumbbells have detachable plates; others don’t. It is better to get weights with detachable plates so you can put more weight later on. The weight bars are made so you can add and remove plates. The same thing can be said about barbells.

The free weight measurements are also applicable to the wearable weight. Types include ankle weights, hand weights and weight belts. They are typically put on when performing aerobic exercises. Regardless of the weights, it is not recommended to use them when walking or running. If you do, blood pressure may go up. The process can also break tendons.

How Weights are Used

For beginners, it is best to start slowly. Start with light weights. Work your way up only when you are comfortable. These weights are usually part of a whole workout program. Consider buying a work bench so you can perform other moves. Weight fitting gloves are recommended. They help you carry the weights properly. Without the gloves, the weights may slip.

There are several routines you can use. You can start by lifting the weights in different ways with a fixed number of repetitions. You should not neglect the other parts of your body however. Exercise is necessary to enhance the cardiovascular health and your fitness.

Weight Plates

Weight plates are not just different sizes. They are also composed of different materials such as cement-filled plastic, cast iron or steel. The shape can be octagonal or round. There is a hole in the middle so the plate can be set in the barbell.

The average weight plate is built from cast iron and round. Some plates now use steel with rubber. These types have an inch hole in the center to fit barbells. This is more suitable for beginners as they are lighter. They are also easier to handle overall.

The free weight measurements have to be carefully chosen. Under no circumstances should you force yourself. Otherwise, you risk injury.

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