Biggest Pimple Ever

There is some debate regarding the size of the biggest pimple ever. There are reports of zits 76 mm in diameter. This would mean it is as large as the puck used in hockey. There are also said to be 18 mm zits. But the largest scientifically measured is 5 mm. These are also known as zits. 
Facts about Zits
The skin condition is brought about by blockage of pores. If the zit keeps returning or several appear simultaneously, it is called acne (scientific name acne vulgaris). The zit manifests when sloughing dead skin is hindered by the skin pore blockage. 
These blockages have several possible causes. One of the most likely culprits is sebaceous glands overproduction. These are essential to keep the skin vibrant, but overproduction does occur. 
Other Possible Causes
There are other possible causes for the biggest pimple ever. These include infection and dirt. Often, sweets and chocolates are blamed for the spreading. Not all scientists agree with this belief. The severity of acne varies per individual. 
In some cases, only one or two may appear and only on certain occasions. Others develop severe cases. Zits appear on the cheeks, nose, the chin and forehead. Some zits will have pus within them.
Popping Zits 
Although common practice, popping acne is unhealthy. Popping the zit out will not cause it to disappear. In fact, this could lead to an infection. The acne will become even more widespread. 
The zits may become painful. In some instances, it may lead to scarring. Zits that are red and filled with pus should be left alone. Blackheads and whiteheads can be popped out. 
If the zit has to be popped out, it has to be performed in sterile conditions. This should only be done under the supervision of a dermatologist. 
Tips for Preventing Zits 
Washing skin is one of the best ways to prevent zits and acne. A mild, gentle soap will also be helpful. Exofoliants can be very helpful when it comes to removing dirt and dead skin. Reducing intake of fatty and oily food may help too. The connection between acne and oily food is unclear, but proper diet can help improve skin tone. 
If you keep your skin away from dirt, you probably won’t get zits the size of the biggest pimple ever. Even if you are not a teenager, it is important to keep your skin clean. Studies show that even adults can get them. 

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