How Long is a Broad Jump?

A broad jump is also known as a long jump. It is classified as a track and field event and has been part of the Olympics since 1896 but it is also traces deep roots within ancient Olympics. The idea behind this sport is simply to make the longest jump during a competition. Obviously, in this event the distance of an athlete’s jump is far more important than the jump’s height.

Dimensions of the Playing Area

The playing area of the broad jump is made up of several sections. The first section in the playing area is called the runway. Judging by its name, people can easily deduce that this is the length that athletes are supposed run before actually take off and make their jump.

Note that the length of the runway is intended to be unlimited. However, it does have a minimum length set at 40 meters. Some sports organizations recommend that the runway should be about a minimum of 45 meters. The runway also has a minimum width of about 1.22 meters.

A quick observation of the runway will reveal that it has no lines or other marks. However, athletes competing in this event are allowed to place marks on the sides along the length of the runway. The markers that can be used by competitors can only be supplied by the organizing committee. Take note that players are not allowed to make marks on the pit. The runway itself is coated using the same material for running tracks.

The take off area in the broad jump event is marked by the take off board, which is about 1.21 meters to 1.22 meters in length. The take off board is usually 198 mm to 202 mm in width. This board is also painted white and is made of wood or other suitable material. The board is sunk at the same level as the runway, which is around 100 mm in depth.

Another important part of the play area is the plasticine indicator board, which is placed at the edge of the take off board and then followed by the landing area. It is made of a rigid board that is sturdy enough to take the full weight of an athlete’s foot. It has a maximum width of 102 mm and is usually around 1.21-1.22m in length. The surface of this board is made of a material that allows a competitor’s shoe to grip thus preventing skids.

Finally, we go to the landing area, which is usually the section of the broad jump event that everyone notices the most. Its dimensions are as follows. It has a minimum width of 2.75m to 3m. There is actually no specified length of the landing area. However, the rules state that it has to be at least ten meters long.

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