Golf Club Bag Sizes

There are many different golf club bag sizes players can use. Some bags have dimensions of 4.9 x 14.4 x 3.2 inches. Others have diameters of 9 inches or even larger. However, they are all big enough to hold all the equipment necessary for a regular game.

Different Types

There are many styles to choose from. This is necessary because golfers have different playing styles. However, almost all of them are constructed from lightweight materials. While their sizes differ, there are almost always club dividers. These bags also have numerous pockets.

Generally, they are divided into three types. The golf stand bags are made for players who walk on the course. The cart bags can be fitted into a cart. The biggest golf club bag sizes are the staff bags. These are used by pro golfers who require a lot of space for their equipment.

Stand Bags

These are fitted with built-in legs so they can stand up while you play. Look for one that weighs 5 lbs or less. Anything heavier will tire you out as you go from hole to hole. Some of these bags do away with the backing. This reduces the weight but it can make the bag less durable. Make certain the shoulder strap is comfortable and wide.

Golf Cart Bags

These are the ideal solution for those who move from tee to tee. Many of these are equipped with legs too. But these are heavier than the stand bag, so they are better placed on the cart.

These bags are ideal for those who need a lot of pockets in their bags. Some of them even have detachable coolers. Make sure the pockets are not facing the cart so access is easy.

Staff Bag

This is for golfers who need very large bags. These are the ones pro golfers typically use. Those sold in stores are patterned after the ones used by the pros. These are built with large pockets. They are often made of leather.

These bags are big enough to hold 14 clubs. They can also carry other gear and equipment. Given the size, these can get pretty heavy. You will need a caddy to carry it.

For beginners, the best golf club bag size would probably be the stand bag. Those who need a few extra equipment are best off with the cart bags. If you are going to play professional golf though, the staff bags will be necessary.

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