Sizes of Jogging Weights

Jogging weights are usually hand weights that you carry while jogging.

The use of hand weights while jogging is basically dependent on the preference of the jogger since a few people do not agree with using weights while jogging and others sing praises about the benefits of jogging with weights.

There are various sizes of jogging weights that you can use depending on your preference and how much weight you can comfortably carry around while doing your jogging exercises.

Sizes of Jogging Weights

When looking at sizes of jogging weights, you basically look at the weight of each dumbbell and the general dimensions of the jogging weights. You can choose hand weights anywhere from 1 pound up to 3 pounds; although there are heavier types as well.

If you will be using a pair, you will be doubling the weights that you carry as you jog so the 1-pound up to 3-pound weight should be enough.

Sizes of jogging weights that are one pound each are generally around 4.84 inches in length by 4.17 inches in width by 1.7 inches in height. A one-pound hand weight is about .45 in kilograms.

For hand weights that are two pounds heavy, these may come in dimensions of 5.15 inches in length by 4.57 inches in width by 2.7 inches in height.

As for sizes of jogging weights that are three pounds heavy, these are basically around 7.2 inches in length by 2.05 inches in width by 2.05 inches in height.

Basically, the sizes of jogging weights however heavy they are, are still based on the manufacturer’s discretion or design.

Jogging Weights: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

The use of jogging weights depends on what your goals are. If you are training for a competition, i.e. competitive running; carry weights while jogging is not recommended as these could heavily impact your speed, slowing you down more instead of increasing your speed.

If you wish to increase your heart rate at a slower jogging pace, then using jogging weights could help you. As you carry the weights, your heart needs to pump more blood into your arms as you jog which increases your heart rate.

For others, using jogging weights helps them lose weight more quickly as they tend to burn more calories.

Your best option is to seek the advice of your doctor or a professional trainer to determine whether or not using weights while jogging will actually be beneficial for you or they will do you more harm than good.

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