Available Walkers Sizes

A walker is a medical appliance that helps boost elderly people’s mobility. Young people may also find it more flexible than crutches. By using a walker, an individual will be able to improve their walking range.

How to Choose from Available Walker Sizes

The dimensions of the walkers are directly related to the frame used. The steel frame walkers weigh from 18 to 21 lbs. The aluminum frame walkers weigh from 10 to 13 lbs. Many prefer the aluminum walkers because they are lighter.

However, steel walkers have a higher weight capacity. Typically, steel walkers can support weights from 250 to 350 lbs. There are also heavy duty steel walkers which support weights up to 400 lbs. By contrast, aluminum walkers have a capacity between 225 to 250 lbs.

Seat and Handle Height

When choosing walker sizes, the seat height is often considered first. The reason is that many people employ the walker for sitting down. Majority of the four wheel walkers have a height from 17” up to 24”. The typical is around 21”.

Using this typical height it will be easy to gauge if the seat has to be higher or lower. The appropriate seat height ought to allow people to place their feet flat onto the floor.

Modern walkers come with handles that let you adjust the height. The basic guideline for getting the proper handle height is to stand up with the arms by your side. Place the handles at the wrist height plus or minus a couple of inches.

Seat Width

The seat widths vary from 16 ½” to 21”. The smaller sizes are ideal for those who need small walkers. Those that need a heavy duty walker should get those with widths in the 20 inch and upward range. Make sure the walker you get is wide enough to be comfortable. At the same time, ensure that it can pass through doorways and hallways.

Most 4 wheeled walkers are equipped with a rigid or flexible back. The flexible strap is made up of plastic and comes with padding. This becomes the backrest when one sits down. The rigid type is made of steel and fitted with foam.

An assessment of walker sizes will not be complete without checking the wheels. If you’ll be using the walker outdoor and indoors, go for the 8 inch wheel. If it will be used mostly indoors, the 6 inch wheel will suffice.

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