Standard U-100 Insulin Syringes Dimensions

The U-100 insulin syringe sizes here are the standards used in the US. The specifications may vary in other countries.

How Insulin is Measured

Insulin is measured using units. Insulin syringes have black lines indicating how many units it can hold. If the syringe is filled, the black lines indicate the number of insulin units it holds. The syringes come in three sizes: 30 units, 50 units, and 100 units.

Every black line on the 100 unit syringe denotes two units. Every black line on the 30 or 40 unit is indicative of a single unit. Only certain lines are noted by numbers. To make them stand out, the lines are longer compared to the others.

For the 100 unit syringe, indications are set for every 10th unit (80, 90, 100). For the 50 and 30 units, the indicators are for every 5th unit (75, 80, 85).

How to Measure an Insulin Dosage

Step 1

Take the syringe from the package. Whatever the U-100 insulin syringe sizes are, never take syringe that comes from a damaged package.

Step 2

Get a new alcohol swab. Clean the insulin vial’s top. This step is necessary to limit the risk of contamination.

Step 3

Take off the protective cap from the syringe’s top. Decide on the dosage required. Draw air into it to the required dosage.

Step 4

Pierce the rubber stopper at the vial. Use the syringe’s needle for this task. Inject air in the syringe in the vial. Invert the vial so it sits over the syringe.

Step 5

Draw the plunger into the syringe. Keep drawing until it is two to four units from the required dosage. Tap on the syringe and check to see if the air bubbles go near the syringe’s top.

Step 6

Put the plunger back at the required dosage level. Expel the extra insulin and air in the vial. Push the plunger if there is extra air. It will set the insulin in the vial again.

Step 7

Take the syringe from the vial. Put it aside as you pick the injection site.

Tips and Warnings

Do not reuse a syringe. Do not recap the syringe when it has been used. It is unhealthy. Make sure that they are disposed of properly.

If you are not sure what U-100 insulin syringe sizes to use, ask your doctor. Do not attempt to utilize an insulin syringe unless you know how to use it.

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