How Large is an Exercise Mat?

On the average, exercise mat lengths are about six feet long (a couple of meters). While many find those dimensions suitable, others find it too small. There are bigger mats available if you need them. If your head or feet are sticking out, you need a longer mat.


Thickness is also crucial. Several mats have a 3/16 to 3/8 inch thickness level. This is suitable for standing exercises; overly thick mats can make it difficult to stand up. If you do more pilates-style routines and abs workouts, a 5/8 inch thick is recommended. The extra padding will be necessary because the tailbone or hips carry more weight.


Aside from the exercise mat lengths, the surface must also be considered. The mat is ideally non-slip. That is, it will not slip when you are exercising. The mat must absorb your sweat so the surface does not become slippery. The mat must not curl; a mat that keeps curling is difficult to work with.

User Reviews

There are several types of mats around; reading some online reviews will provide hints on what brand is reliable. Reading online user reviews also makes it easy to determine if the mat is worth the price.

Advantages of Mats

The floor surface is an integral part of any exercise program. Flexibility, core and abdominal workouts are harder to do on bare floors. With a mat, your tailbone, elbows and knees are protected. A well designed mat provides protection but does not affect balance.

For those with sensitive tailbones and hips, the pilates exercise mats are recommended. These mats also keep your carpet and floor free from sweat.

Tips for Buyers

Look for a mat that is not too heavy. It should be storable and portable. Avoid those with seams. The material should not dent and be easy to clean. Some mats are marketed as being eco-friendly, made from recycled materials.

Aside from being environment friendly, they do not emit any unpleasant smells. One of the best types of eco-friendly material is closed-cell foam. Do not use mats made from or with PVC, lead, phthalates and cadmium. “Safe” mats are available in many stores.

Finally, make sure the exercise mat lengths you choose can fit in the area. If you are exercising at home, just remove any obstacles in the way. If you are in a class, you should talk with the instructor. Tell them you need a bigger mat because you cannot fit.

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