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The clamor nowadays is to get into your individual ideal weight. Obesity and other weight problems now haunt a lot of people. Take note that losing weight alone will not exactly be enough. What one should do is to get into an ideal weight range given the different factors that affect these changes. A healthy weight calculator will come in handy in such situations. Remember that one's healthy weight is unique to that individual's conditions.

Different Factors

Since each person's conditions such as sex, age, body frame, and height are unique, it will be very helpful to consider all these factors when using a healthy weight calculator. Remember that each of these factors will have an effect on your weight and thus they should require some consideration.

Age: There are several studies that point out the correlation between one's age and one's weight. When both factors are correlated, then an ideal or even a healthy weight range may be reached. It is also interesting to observe that many older people believe that their ideal weight should be somewhat heavier than how they weighed years ago.

Furthermore, it is also interesting to note that women more than men feel that their ideal weight should go higher as they grow older. In fact, fewer men would consider their age as a factor in determining their ideal weight. A good healthy weight calculator will take into account one's age.

Gender: As you may have observed, a person's gender is also a factor when determining an ideal healthy weight. Studies have shown that the men's ideal weight is higher than women's by 2.06 BMI units give or take a few. So, a good healthy weight calculator should also take into account a person's gender when calculating an individual ideal weight.

Body Composition: Digging a bit deeper into the gender factor within the ideal weight issue, it is a known fact that men have more skeletal muscle than women. It is also a known fact that average women have more body fact than the average men. Some experts have formulated a lean body mass formula in order to account for this significant difference between the ideal weight of men and women.

Frame Size: Another important factor to consider is frame size. If you care to consult the many weight charts on the Internet, you will also notice that one's frame size is always an issue in any healthy weight calculator. This definitely makes you think twice about the claim that one man may just be big boned and not really overweight.

Getting Medical Advice

Healthy weight calculators are helpful as they are. However, one should still consider taking proper medical advice before engaging in any weight loss program. Remember that these calculators are only tools and should not hold equal weight as the advice of your physician.

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