Size of Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrush sizes are as diverse as their features. Some measure 1.2 x 1.2 x 8.1 inches. Other models have dimensions of 2.2 x 2.2 x 9.2 inches. Some brushes have even longer handles.


These brushes utilize electric power, which is typically provided by a battery. This allows the brush to move quickly. Movement is either rotation-oscillation or oscillating side by side. In the former, the brush heads turn in different directions.


There are several types sold in the market, but most are classified by their action. This is either rotation-oscillation or vibration. A vibrating toothbrush is typically used like a manually operated toothbrush.

The rotating-oscillating brushes work in a different manner. They are best applied tooth by tooth regardless of the electric toothbrush sizes.

Power Source

Most of these brushes operate using 12v or less voltage. A few other models utilize a step down transformer to operate the device. Majority of them though, use a rechargeable battery. Not all batteries are rechargeable or replaceable though. Most of them are located in the handle. These are hermetically shut so water damage is avoided.

Older brushes utilize metal tabs to link the charging base. But modern brushes employ contactless inductive charging. The charger stand and brush unit both have a coil of wire. When set in the right place, the power in the coil stand moves the power into the handle. This powers up the battery.


Modern brushes come with a timer. This can interrupt the power or produce a buzzing sound. This occurs after 2 minutes or every half minute. This is in keeping with the standard advice to brush for two minutes, thirty seconds for each mouth quadrant.


Some brushes have LCD screens that display the brushing time. Fancier models have smileys and other images.

Benefits and Advantages

The electric brush cleans more quickly and efficiently than a manual toothbrush. Brushes that are electrically powered are able to clean below the gums. This reduces the chance of getting gingivitis. Because brushing is automatic, it is less strenuous for those with arthritis.

Those with carpal tunnel syndrome will also find it easier to brush their teeth. Because the brush performs all the work, the arms, wrists and hands do not have to move constantly.

Whatever the electric toothbrush size is, it will be able to brush the teeth at the proper rate and pressure. Unlike with a manual toothbrush, there is no danger of brushing too hard.

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