Sizes of Heavy Duty Tires

There are many heavy duty tire sizes to cater to people’s assorted needs. One of the most widely used is the R16 LT variant. The most widely used section width is from 245 to 265 millimeters. The aspect ratio is in the 75% vicinity. The most popular type is LT245/75R16. It can be used by SUVs and pickup trucks.

Why Tires are Important

They don’t just move the vehicle. If they are heavy duty, it will make the ride more comfortable. It can help the braking, steering and improve traction. These can be used to limit vehicle shock.

Well designed, the tires can also boost travel mileage. Obtaining the right types heavily influences the performance of the vehicle. With the right wheel coverings, damage to the vehicle will be avoided.


There are heavy duty tire sizes for off the road usage and the highway. If you are going to buy a pair, ensure that it is the correct type. If your vehicle travels through both, get a pair for both terrains. A good example of a vehicle that goes through both terrains is the dump truck.

Off the Road Travel

These vehicles need a wheel covering that can go over rough and rugged terrain. Unlike ordinary tires, these have to be flexible and robust at the same time. The tires must be strong enough to carry large loads.

These are not the tires you see on garbage trucks; those are made for crossing city streets and alleys only. Before making any purchase, make sure the quality is appropriate for the terrain.

It is a fact that the tires are required to get the vehicle from one point to another. But with heavy duty cargo trucks, the tires must also be sufficient to support large loads. With the right tires, the load will be distributed properly.

Other Factors to Consider

The tires must also be durable. The tires must be able to carry those loads repeatedly and in the same conditions. Tires that wear out quickly are not worth the money.

A smooth ride is nice, but when carrying heavy cargo, durability is more important. The aspect ratio must also be accounted for. A low aspect ratio is usually better adept at handling heavy loads.

The heavy duty tire sizes and types may seem bewildering, but research is absolutely vital. The successful delivery of the cargo rests on these tires, so choosing the right one is paramount.

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