Fastest Car 2011


The fastest 2011 car is the 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. It has an average speed of 267.86 mph (431.072km/h). 

Test Drive 

The speed record was attained on the Volkswagen Ehra-Lessian track. Test driver Pierre Henri Raphanel did the driving. On the first pass the car reached a top speed of 265.91 mph (427.933km/H). At the second attempt, the maximum speed was 269.81 mph (434.211km/h). The result is the average speed cited above. 

New Features 

The 2011 Bugatti Veyron is a major improvement over the previous Bugatti models. Every component of the 2011 model is bigger. The front air brakes have been enlarged. The springs, intercoolers and turbo are also larger. The end result is 1,106lb ft of torque and 1,200 hp. 

The 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s body is 100% carbon fiber. This has helped reduce the weight greatly. There are also flush mounted air intakes at the roof. The fastest 2011 car also has 1.4g of lateral grip. This helps the car navigate the corners. 

Power and Safety 

The Veyron’s power comes from the four turbochargers. The original Veyron also has turbochargers, but these have been enlarged. This allows the 16 cylinder engine to reach 1200 hp. The chassis has also been revamped. 

The main-spring level has been raised a bit. This feature makes the car safe to ride in even when driving at maximum speed. The shock absorbers and stabilizers have also been improved. The design is based on racing car architecture. This gives the driver more control when driving. 

The lateral acceleration can reach 1.4G. The interaction between the all-wheel drive system and the tires has also been improved. 

Exterior Features 

The front air intakes of the car differ from the older version. They have been reshaped and expanded. The exhaust has been rearranged. The double diffuser has been revised as well. 

The torque maxes out at 1,500 Newton meters. Other features include the twin clutch gearbox with seven speeds. The enlarged intercoolers help augment the engine power. 

In short, the body has been set up for aerodynamic proficiency. Even though the weight has been reduced, the setup ensures the passive safety and optimum torsion rigidity. 

The fastest 2011 car is in the Guinness Book of Records as the quickest automobile on the planet. The original Veyron was overtaken by the SSC Ultimate Aero, but the 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has reclaimed the top spot. 

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