City Bus Advertising Space Dimensions

Outdoor advertising is an effective tool in increasing awareness about your products and services, and in reaching a wider audience. This also helps you zero-in on your target market and increase your market share.

Among the most effective outdoor advertising strategies is city bus advertising. Depending on your requirements, there are different City Bus Advertising Space Dimensions that you can choose from.

These will give you options on how big or small you want your ad to be, depending on your allocated advertising budget.

City Bus Advertising Space Dimensions

You will find that specific City Bus Advertising Space Dimensions can give you the right kind of exposure needed to boost your sales. To give you an overview of the standard dimensions for this type of outdoor advertising, check out the list below.

Small – thirty inches in height by one hundred forty-four inches in width

Medium – fifty-five inches in height by two hundred and thirty-three inches in width. This usually starts just under the window until the bottom of the city bus.

Large – Dimensions for this ad depend on the size of the bus but it starts from the roof line of the bus until its bottom part.

Standard Taillight – This measures approximately twenty-one inches in height by seventy-two inches in width.

Mini Taillight – eighteen inches in height by fifty inches in width

Back Full – Dimensions for this likewise vary depending on the size of the bus but it basically covers the entire back portion of the bus.

Full Wrap – Again, City Bus Advertising Space Dimensions for this one depend on the size of the bus. Your ad will cover the entire bus, from top to bottom and side to side.

Why Choose City Bus Advertising?

Outdoor advertising, as previously mentioned, can help you reach a wider audience and increase your market share. This factor is double when you go with city bus advertising.

As the bus goes around the city, your ad will be seen by practically everyone who is out on the street. Those caught in traffic, those driving alongside the bus, as well as those who are waiting at bus stops can all see your ad.

Plus, the bigger City Bus Advertising Space Dimensions you get, the more visible your ad becomes; enabling people to see it even from afar.

How to Advertise

Once you have picked-out your preferred City Bus Advertising Space Dimensions, you may ask the agency if they also make designs for the ads or if you can come-up with your own design.

Oftentimes, advertising companies take care of everything for their clients: from selecting the right dimensions, coming-up with eye-catching print ads and appropriate tags to make your ad even more appealing, increasing ad recall for your target consumers.

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