Exercise Bike Dimensions

It goes without saying that there are a lot of exercise bike sizes available. Exercise BikeThe following should give you an idea of the various sizes and types. However there are many other varieties.

Recumbent Bikes

Some of these bikes measure 6 x 25 x 13” and could weigh in at 117 lbs. The resistance levels of these bikes vary, although 16 is used in many popular models. The recumbent bikes will also have profile courses and LCD consoles.

These bikes also come with a variety of extra features. The bigger and (costlier) ones come with a calorie / cholesterol guide, manual modes, instructional guides and more.

The exercise bike size also has an effect on the information provided. Among the data you’ll see are the pulse, calories, resistance and watts. Other models may include the RPM, time and distance.

The type of seats and pedals used vary depending on the manufacturers. Some also come with water holders and a reading rack as well. For obvious reasons, the large models have wheels installed.

Upright Exercise Bikes

There are many types of upright bikes. Some measure 40 x 20 x 53 inches. These models can weigh in at 58 to 60 lbs. The maximum weight support varies. Exercise bike size models that fit these dimensions are usually able to support 275 lbs.

The number of programs will number around 10 to 12. Average models will have 8 resistance levels. Quality models also have heart sensors, heart controls and numerous profiles.

It’s a good idea to check the padded wheels and seats before you buy. It’s not just the size that matters but also its strength and durability. The LCD display will show various kinds of information (calories, watts, speed etc.)

Seatless Exercise Bikes

The dimensions are 18 x 12.25 x 15.25 and weigh 9 lbs (on average). The seatless models don’t come with a seat. When you get this exercise bike size, you just sit on an ordinary chair and start pedaling. These bikes usually come with no-slip pedals and knobs for adjusting controls.

Other Types of Exercise Bikes

Some exercise bikes come with specially designed systems. These usually measure 22.5 x 48 x 50 inches. The weight will vary between 95 to 100 lbs. Aside from working the legs, these bikes also strengthen the arms and upper body.

The concept of the resistance is simple: the harder the pedal, the more resistant it becomes. If you’re going to use this kind of bike, get one that produces cool air. The extra resistance will make you work out a sweat.

Which Size to Choose

Pick one that can support your weight. If you have limited space, the seatless types are good choices. But if you want full workouts, the upright bikes will be necessary.

Before paying, you should check the warranty. Since you’ll be using it regularly, get the longest one possible. The biggest bikes don’t necessarily have the longest warranty. The manufacturer reputation also matters.

The exercise bike size is very important. If you need the full sized type, make some space; after all, it’s your health at stake.

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