Gear Box Dimensions

There are many types of gearboxes, like bevel, offset, planetary, sequential and worm. The following specs are for the helical gearboxes.

Gearbox Dimensions: Agnee Pump Jack (16,000 lbs Torque)

The Agnee pump jack helical gearboxes are used for oil exploration. This has a ratio of 36.7 to 1 and a center distance of 11.198". The outer dimensions are 25" x 14" x 20.25". The input is 1.375" and the output is 2.50". The net weight is 322 lbs.

The gearbox is constructed of close grain cast iron. The device is corrosion resistant and can withstand shock and vibration. The Reducer Gearing is made out of alloy steel. This material is case hardened and tempered to reach 10 AGMA quality. The result is a quieter working environment.

Gearbox Dimensions: Agnee Pump Jack (40,000 lbs Torque)

The outer dimensions are 32.5" x 19" x 30". The center distance is 16.631" and the ratio is 30:1 to 1. The input is 1.50" and the output is 3.250". The net weight is 750 lbs. The shafts are constructed of alloy steel forging. Other models have heat treated bars.

The bearings are fastened on the ground journal (taper roller type). Designed for use in oil fields, they are heavy duty and come with self oiling systems. This prolongs their life at the field.

The Agnee Pump Jack has an oil level indicator for maintenance purposes. There is also Agnee 10 for the 10,000 In lbs Pump Jacks and the Agnee 25 for the 25,000 In lbs Pump Jacks.

Gearbox Dimensions: H Series

The H Series has a transmission ratio of 1.2 – 637. The input power is 0.61 KW to 5,000 kW and the torque is up to 117,000 Nm. The gear ratios are up to 130:1. The available unit sizes are 80, 90, 100, 112, 125, 140, 160, 180, 200, 225, 250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560 and 630.

The gearbox is made of close grain cast iron. The housing may also come in structural steel depending on what the project is. They are also shock resistant and can withstand corrosion. The helical pinion is constructed of EN 353 case hardening steel as are the helical gears. The teeth are case carburized and tempered.

Facts about Helical Gearboxes

Whatever the gearbox dimensions are, they remain widely used in many industrial applications. These devices possess teeth that spiral all around the gear. In terms of design they are somewhat akin to spur gears.

However, helical gearboxes are less noisy. The helical gearbox can be set up in different configurations. As indicated above, they also have different ratios.

Most of the designs today have implemented noise reduction features. The output shafts have also been modified, both on the inside and outside. Helical gearboxes can also be mounted at an output flange. The gearbox ratio is determined by dividing the teeth at the bigger gear by the teeth in the smaller gear.

It should be noted gearbox dimensions are extremely varied. The helical gears have different specifications, to say nothing of the other gear types.

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