Ideal Bedroom Size

The bedroom is a personal haven. It is one’s intimate place. With its considerable links to sleep and relaxation, it is important to make any bedroom the most ideal solitary sanctuary.

When it comes to home design, however, bedrooms are often neglected. Much attention is given to the public rooms such as the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, and the family room. Lesser effort is poured in creating the bedrooms. But that should never be the case.

Just like in designing the other areas in the house, serious attention must be give to the bedrooms. The topmost concern related to this home design project is definitely the size.

Ideal Bedroom Size

So, what is the ideal bedroom size? If you ask around people regarding the bedroom size they will be most comfortable, they will most probably tell you that the biggest size available is ideal for them. Anyone would make do with a huge bedroom because it allows for a huge, comfy bed, a number of amazing pieces furniture, and even the room user’s very own entertainment system.

On the average, an ideal bedroom size for many is 11’x11’. That’s about 120 square feet of floor area. This size of room is big enough to accommodate a king size bed and small enough to allow for some other rooms to be made. You can choose a bigger or smaller bedroom size, depending on what you think best fits your requirement.

Creating the Ideal Bedroom

But bedrooms are more than just about sizes. It is far more important that your bedroom is ideally made to meet your personal needs. Thus, you need to pour in much effort in decorating your bedroom, making it as comfortable as possible. It would be nice, therefore that you have a hand in arranging your bedroom.

The first step in bedroom design is assessment. Look through the space allowed for your bedroom. Examine how much room you have for your dream haven. If you have a hundred and twenty square feet of floor space, you may start computing the size of the bed that will fit in including the end tables, the closets, and probably a couch, if you prefer to have one.

Make sure not to overcrowd your room. With all the things in it, it is important that you still have enough space to move around comfortably.

Also, think about your storage area. Have a place for all your personal things. That way, you can get rid of clutter.

Creating the bedroom design is easy because you do not really have to go by any rules. As this is a personal room, you do not need to make it agree with the rest of the house.

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