Dimension of a Balcony

Enjoying a nice view from above is a feature that a balcony is set out to provide. You do not always need a whole backyard to create a garden haven or an oasis where you can take pleasure in what nature has to offer. A balcony will do.

If you are thinking about a home addition project that will make your bedroom even more attractive to dwell in, putting up a balcony is a good idea.

Dimension of a Balcony

As with any home designing project, size is a major concern when building a balcony. To decide on the amount of space that you will have to dedicate to your balcony, you have to consider a few things.

First, examine how much space is available for this purpose. Your balcony can go right beside your room or outside the family room, located at the second or higher floor. If there is a clearing, you can build a balcony in it. The dimension of a balcony shall be based on the length of your room or just about the available space in that area.

Second, you will need to ensure that the size of your balcony will be able to accommodate a garden set and some amazing plants. For a small balcony, a two-piece garden set complete with a table is okay. If you have a bigger space, you may bring in a few extra seating options. Of course, do not forget to put in some greenery to complete the look and the ambience.

Third, make sure that the size of your balcony will be able to accommodate you and a guest or two. It is not a good idea to have a balcony that is cluttered and overcrowded. It must be one neat space that will encourage some quiet time as well as meaningful bonding moments.

An average dimension of a balcony is in the four feet range. That amount of space will already allow you to some seating space and an area to install a minute garden. If you can have it bigger, that’s better because you will have more design options.

As a last note, make sure that you pay attention to the access door that you will use in relation to the size of your balcony. If you have a smaller space for a balcony, you must use a sliding door because a swinging door will need an allowance. If you have a large space for your balcony, you can either install a standard swinging door or a slider and have no problems with it.

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